Achieved so far today


It depends, apparently. We were advised against because the water here is so hard (We were descaling the kettle at least once a week). If you’re in a soft water in area, it shouldn’t be a problem, though every extra mechanism is an extra thing that can go wrong


We got a softener a few years ago. It works pretty well.


We have one. I like it. It makes some forms of cooking easier, having ice available with which to chill things quickly.

We live in a very hard water area, but one can get a small softener just for the supply to the freezer, and the chap who installed it here did just that; it’s all plumbed in.


It’s lovely soft water here. No issues with that, but I’ve been advised they take up quite a lot of space from the unit. But regular, instant ice & crushed ice on tap.

We have time to consider these details.


Our one takes up space at the top of the (large, American-style) fridge and freezer, about a foot wide and fifteen inches deep in the body of the freezer, plus about twenty-one inches up and down of the door.


Oh, & Marj. No boiling water spout/tap.

Mrs. S surprisingly is very, very anti them. She said they make her joints crawl. The sheer thought of the potential to scald horrifies her.


I tend to agree with Mrs S.


Another opportunity squandered by the SWs. So many deserving candidates at Home Farm…


I miss the ice and water dispenser- our Maytag’s in storage. But mostly I miss the on tap chilled filtered water. I’m looking forward to a boiling water tap - save space getting rid of the kettle.


On a similar theme, & feeling rather Brian-like … a fitted (“integrated” is the word these days apparently) bottle cooler.

What d’ya reckon ???


… but I did buy a sci-fi looking cooker hood.

… and a 6 ring hob. With a big 'un, for woks apparently. Or putting a griddle over.


You mean a wine fridge surely but you’re being coy?


I KNEW there was another description !!!