Acting from an unexpected quarter?

OK, there was more than a bellyful of Ruth tonight, and she was doing that horrible thing with her terminal Ls that she doesn’t always remember to put in, but did anyone else notice one absolute gem? There was a sequence of ‘mmm-hmms’ from Ruth while Pip was babbling on about her decision-making process and when it got to Pip saying she’d talked to Helen, the responding ‘mmm-hmmm’ seemed to me to convey scepticism and exasperation most witheringly. I do hope I wasn’t imagining things.


I hope so too, Gus dere. I was too busy fuming at the way Ruth was fawning on and grovelling to her daughter for graciously allowing her to make a decision about the farm. Doesn’t Ruth usually exaggerate the terminal Ls? As in Jeeellllll? ’ Can you give us an example of what you’re talking about, always up for something that will make me hate Ruth more.

Course Pip turns all her terminal Ls into ‘oo’ as in settoo the cattoo and tressoo tayboos. And there was lots of sucking in teeth from Pip tonight as well. Must listen again to torture myself.


Um. Hate to think I’ve driven you to LAing, Janie, it’s not at all good for you, I’m sure.
I’m really struggling to describe, because I don’t speak linguistics / phonetics, what it is the horrible woman does with the Ls, but it’s sort of half-way to someone un-Welsh making a half-arsed attempted at, say (and I can’t!) Llan-wherever - not touching the tip of the tongue to the front of the palate so much as retracting it and flattening the whole tongue towards the roof of the mouth. Or at least that’s how I get a bit closer to the horrible thing the horrible woman seems, to my ears, to be doing.

If you try this at home, don’t do it in front of the cat. It will laugh at you.


Clue: it ends with “up”.