Ah yes, Elizabeth

I’m so glad that you have such excellent reasons for having messed up other people and been exceedingly selfish and self-centred all your life.

Anyone would think you were reading from a script!

But, you know, one thing bothered me: I have never met anyone who resented being spoilt. My experience has been either that they had no idea it was happening, or that they revelled in it. Seeing it as wrong and saying so is remarkably self-analytical from someone I would have sworn had never thought a thing against herself in her entire life.


Wash yer mouth out, Fishy. She is Brave and also Beautiful and astonishingly bears her family no ill-will whatsoever for pandering to and enabling her all these years.
Wottabastard Nigel was for having the temerity to fall off the roof removing the banner she wanted gone and to leave her on her lorn lonesome in a cruel, cruel world. Life can be very hard. As indeed can patios, sorry, terraces.


Here’s a horrible thought

Lizard and Kate getting together for a girly moan about how unfair it is to be spoilt

That’s a definite defenestration for the radio that is


Note to SWs—This is how you do it: