Alice isn't fixed…

It’s understandable that Chris would expect someone’s alcoholism to be fixed by a couple of weeks’ residential treatment. After all, his flail chest was a nuisance for a month or so (“Chris is going stir crazy”) and then never mentioned again!

But, look, there’s logic to be used here.

  • If Alice is constantly offered drinks, this makes her uncomfortable and she worries she’ll eventually accept one.
  • Therefore people need to know that she isn’t drinking any more.
  • This is Ambridge so it’s everybody or nobody. Waste no effort on picking people who will know and people who won’t; just decide whom you’ll tell.

OK. That’s fine. She does not need to say “I am an alcoholic” unless she wants to.

  • “I’ve given up drinking.”
  • “It can get into the milk.” (Only a short-term answer, so not a good one.)
  • “I’ve given up drinking for Littoo Martha.”
  • “After those forced dry months I found I’d lost the taste for it.”

And anyone who presses can be told to briefcase off, we don’t ask questions about your private life.


Absolutely agree here. But I fear it’s not going to go that way (I mean, using logic) in TA; logic is Hard Work and well beyond the editorial team’s paygrade.


Logic in TA?