Ambridge's newest jobseeker

“So, Mr Archer, why did you leave your last job?”

What exactly is he going to say? The full truth would pretty much damn him entirely, while something along the lines of “I couldn’t cope with the childcare requirements after my wife died”, though true, would not make him a particularly strong candidate. Of course he could point to the irregular and unsocial hours as a major factor, but what skills does he have that would interest anyone hiring for a 9-5 job? As far as I am aware he has a fairly rudimentary education, no office/IT skills… Can he really expect much beyond a bit of labouring—which might be every bit as irregular and unsocial as keeping, but nothing like as well paid?


You’d be surprised Joe.

As he had a job with extremely eccentric hours moving to something more accommodating “despite all my efforts following the sudden death of my wife …” would get a fair bit of empathy.

He’d need to take care not to labour the point but coming into a 9-5 type role would not be impossible to get a good hearing.

Of course it’s this great lummox, so he’d never express it well enough.


He’d still have to be able to do the job, whatever it was, though (well, anywhere outside Ambridge, he would). He’s not got that many transferrable skills, has he? As for people skills…

Mind you, on present form, all he has to do is go sobbing to Oliver. I’m sure GG will suddenly require an estate manager.

Incidentally, I wonder what’s going to happen to Casa Green New Wood Cottage, or whatever it’s called this week? Is Martyn going to evict him from Brian’s property?


…I’ve not heard tonight’s effort yet, but unless I’m mishtooken, it is indeed a Grundgie which is looking for employment, although if, as you say, Joe deare it is indeed an Archer seeking employment, then surely (Shirley) the Ambridge JobFairy’s speshul job-magic would kick in pretty damned quick and there would be no need of boring things like applications and job-interviews etc. etc.


They seem to be trying to redress the balance at the moment, what with Grey Gables being infested with Tracys* and ex drug pushers going undercover. Who’d notice the odd glowering Grundy?

*One is an infestation


In the excellent Unheard of Ambridge by Merrily Harpur there is an infestation of Horrobins in somebody’s house at one point.

I do have a copy, but it slides away and hides, so I can’t give you details.


Managed to get hold of a copy a while back - been saving it for the proverbial rainy day. Looks like now might be the time!

Do remember it from The Listener, though