…and from TheBardOfAmbridge!


“Now! Oi’ve got a long bit of green snake here!” (…watch it Bert! - Ed)

…everything in tonight’s feeble attempt was so visual! “Oh, look at that cheeky expression on the CardboardCow!”

However the comment by BertFroi about the “udder-mechanism” reminded me of a Larson reference:

…and then AliPali looking at the family daguerreotypes with his sister (…what a Gawdawful accent the poor woman has, not unlike a corn-krake)

…note to TA Production team. This is RADIO fer Gawd’s sake!


Yes; the visuals are not appreciated. And worse, the person who wrote it, Caroline Harrington, has been a scriptwriter for the programme since at least 1998 and probably longer (she is now I think 71) so has no excuse for not knowing what medium she’s working in.


Couldn’t disagree more.


Well, I was thinking of @ 03:18, and that laugh (@10:14, 10:23), and then @10:45 (what the hell are polish-brains anyway? (…some kind of head-gear?)

(…I rest my case, M’lud!)