"And if you've been affected by Jim's storyline…"


Thus spake tonight’s CA. So there’s a helpline for crap, contrived writing?


“…apply to the Radio Drama Writing Course…”


It bloody well affected me tonight. Not so much the crap, contrived writing (though it certainly was crap and contrived) but the way it seems to be going - we know best, if anything bad has happened to anyone at all, they must need counselling. Nag nag nag counselling nag counselling nag nag counselling counselling. Have we convinced the listeners yet? NO, so nag nag counselling nag counselling nag nag counselling counselling.

Just leave the poor bloody man alone FGS.

If they write him agreeing , being counselled and cured, I won’t be responsible for my actions.


You missed “…and in the process, bringing Alistair and Shula back together”.


Aaaaargh! That’s cruel. Cruel, I tell you.


But has that certain air of inevitability.


Like a star with a black hole companion…


Not sure I’d compare either of them to a star…

As for the companion, alistair may be dull*, but he’s done nothing to deserve being inflicted with Shula.

*Trying to remember, which politician was it that Linda Smith described as “the human form of beige”? Alistair to a T.


It wasn’t a politician Joe. It was Tim Henman.


I stand corrected! I remember hearing it on The News Quiz, so assumed it was about a politician. Still the perfect description of Alistair, though.


He’s understood to vote Liberal Democrat, so I suppose he has credentials.


Urgh - it is past my rising time*, so I should probably go to bed…

*(Horrible job up against a deadline, so have been pulling all-nighters for the last few days. Normal service will be resumed once I remember what normality actually is.)