And Kenton and Jolene

have fifty thousand pounds to throw away?


Anyone, anything which encourages Toby to make a success of his infeasible enterprise will be taken out, personally … by me. JCB’s at dawn.

I will hunt them down like the wastes of oxygen they are and no remains will ever be found.


They haven’t paid back David and Ruth yet, have they?


Paid them back for what? There was no loan. The Dopeys never considered selling Brookfield. Ambridge is at war with Darrington. Ambridge had always been at war with Darrington…


See that’s what the SWs have never got the hang of in Ambridge… Feuds and Feuding.

I know a genuine Hatfield and McCoy type feud might be thought difficult because everybody seems to be related to everybody else. But most of them don’t even make an effort.

When there is some minor feud. you can almost guarantee it’ll be between The Grungies and one or more parts of the Archer clan. Sadly they never revert to the use of firearms either.

A real honest to god feud, with shotguns, between say David and Kenton could work wonders for enlivening The Archers… Well enlivening those who weren’t sufficiently shot.

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The Archer family simply lack the perseverance to do these things properly. Kenton and Elizabeth have both been at feud with David at one time and another, or in Kenton’s case during any time he isn’t trying to get something out of David, but they don’t really know how to go about it long term.

Will kept a perfectly justified feud against Ed going for a few years, but their mother spent her entire time trying to force them to be nice to each other and in the end he more or less gave up and simply settled for a quieter life in which she didn’t nag so much.