...and that reminds me!

…Pigsy, Twacy, the mention of MakeUpKit, the expression “lipstick on a pig” popped into this wikkid old mind!


Alas, I cannot bring myself to like Tracy. I fear she is simply a nasty person, except within a very narrow scope – and I am not a member of her family.

Even within that family. remember how vile she was to Emma because Emma cared more about her children than an uncle she hardly knew? No, I do not like Tracy.


I think I agree with you, although I find her “cod-trailer-trash” accent only slightly easier to bear than the dreadful cackle of FagAsh (…I mean seriously? …have you ever come across anyone in real-life who sounds quite like Mrs. Bellamy-Elliot, or who murders the Queen’s English in the manner of ClariE.coli-Luv, for that matter?) One might not expect RP, after all from The Archers, but it is Auntie-Beeb! :roll_eyes: