And what now for Ambridge’s leading nutjob?

With Rob dead or as good as and Helen heading off to taste the heady delights of empowerment and a fish finger butty*, what can we expect next from the scrawny loon?
By rights there should be the father and mother of all rows with, er, her mother and father. Pat now knows she took Jack with the intention of him seeing Rob; once the relief has worn off a bit, that’s going to fester. Then it will emerge that Tony went to the baptism. Both women will be furious they weren’t consulted or informed. (Tony at the baptism, H at the deathbed, so presumably Pat gets to attend the funeral- fair dos and all that.)
But once that little lot blows over, what is she going to do? A dog that’s caught the car won’t be in it. But I would be prepared to bet that nothing in trousers will be safe ere long.
Men of Borsetshire, take note: don’t put it in the crazy.

*sticking fingers down her throat is almost second nature


I foresee a grovelling to Lee

If he hasn’t run away fast to his girls