Another of Dame Nature's cruel tricks - spinach


Almost everything clashes with Warfarin, doesn’t it ?



May do. Most don’t actually do so, but is it worth finding out?

I mean, how lucky do you feel, punk?


Indeed, Fishy

Make my day…



I rather enjoyed learning that when Christopher Frayling was knighted, he chose as his motto “Perge scelus mihi diem perficias”


Of course, I looked that up.

I quite like the word “varlet” in a motto. I’d wish to have “hoi-polloi” and “riff-raff” included in mine.


I still remember how sad That Fish was to be told that grapefruit was permanently orff the menu.

It’ll be kale, rocket and quinoa next. Wiv any luck.


Snork, Dunnock, although I too miss grapefruit

It’s cold here, & I’m knackered after a trip to town

I have put the heating on, & it will be Shin Beef fer Supper



…agreed, most heartily! I live on the green stuff, it’s great cooked, spinach calzones with feta and mozzarella and garlic! …and talking of garlic, here’s something for the other aficionados:


…but in all honesty, I don’t even bother to cook it since baby spinach is available from the local store, already washed, and is a darned sight better than lettuce!



Cranberries on the other hand are the droppings of the Devil’s rabbits.


Then what are blueberries ? (Other than big purple/indigo coloured blobs of no-taste whatsoever, however much people try to convince you they do have a flavour. Wimberries, that’s what yer wants).


Blueberries are the droppings of the Devil’s chinchillas, Armers.


I rather like satanic chinchilla droppings in me yoghurt.


When you add lots of extra garlic to the mix (as I frequently do), the feebly-weebly cranberries can be just about swamped out!




Why bother with it at all, dere, in that case?


It sorta comes pre-cranberried, but I think they should have left the damned things back in the bog where they belong! Aksherly, I think that’s only the name of the maker, which might explain exactly why I couldn’t taste any cranberries!