Another of Dame Nature's cruel tricks - spinach


Spinach is a wondrous brute in almost any form. But, for it to be enjoyed at its finest, this vegetable with nugatory calorific value as it grows, nekkid, needs blanching, draining, sauteeing in garlic and butter and then amalgamating with a little double cream and some further bubbling. Oh, and nutmeg, of course. So by the time it hits the plate it would fuel a Sumo wrestler and has 0.3% of original vitamins remaining. The iron, such as it is, has probably decided a career repairing a scratched little pan is more interesting than sitting around inside a tender-leafed plant, too…

But boy, oh boy, oh, boy, do I love creamed spinach. And I have it about four times a year. Prudence, that…


If one must suffer in order to be beautiful, is it the case that if one wishes to enjoy rather than suffer, there is some sort of opposite dictum, and if so what is it?


One doesn’t have to over-indulge to be hideous but it helps? (trust me on this one, dahlink!)


I have gone onto the frozen stuff, Gus

Defrosted 3 ‘plugs’ of it the other day, pressed it to drain it & then stirred it in to the flaked smoked haddock wot I had poached

Broke 3 eggs into it, Garlic/mustard mash on top, baked in the oven for 35 minutes

It was Bluddy Lovely

Still good the next day too



Apart from the eggs, I’m sure it was lovely, dahlink, but it wasn’t creamed spinach. Any spinach is a splendid thing. Never had it when I was a Gusling because the Ma hates it. I have been making up for lost time for a few decades, mind…


Yerss, but I make creamed spinach from the frozen stuff too . The Austrians grate fresh garlic onto it


I knew that you wouldn’t like the eggs… :wink:



Glumph! Blurry good eggs, err, chaps, those Austrians…

G xx


I just wilt spinach in a pan with butter and a 450g bag barely serves two of us

Tonight I will be making an ommelette with a cheese garlic wild garlic and spinach filling


Exceptionally, I will permit this usage of eggs, Twellsy. Don’t go making a habit of it.


How was yer omelette, Twellsy? And how is your head?


OMmy Letty was gorgeous as was the cous cous and put lenti salad with it

I even got an inch of jumper knitted


Splendid stuff all round.
I likes a puy lentil, Twellers…


I am partial to the odd pulse or ten as a protein myself

Just imagine life without falafel or bhajis or baked bean or hummus

Very boring it would be


Quieter, though, Twellsy. Definitely quieter.


It isn’t, you know. Boring, I mean.


But going purple and blotchy and being really unwell and so on - well, it’s kind of exciting, isn’t it, dere Fish?
(probably a bit too exciting, to be honest. But it is a dratted nuisance for you, because they are in so many things)


Bluddy awful having to check every damned label every time though…

Like me trying to decide if the wasp wot just stung me wiped its feet beforehand…

#EpipensR us

BiL has been on the 'phone for an hour

An 'Normous Slammer is needed…


Carinthia, have as 'Normous a Slammer as you feel is indicated, but please tell me that the wasp referred to above is a theoretical one and that you have not actually been stung this evening.
G xxx


Yerss, theoretical tonight, but a decision I have to make every time it happens

It takes 20minutes for the tablets to work, & I have to decide if I have that long

I have trained myself not to panic, but I have sweated a lot…



Just thinking - (yes it hurts) about all our problem allergies/diet restrictions

I am odd in having very few allergies but I am not supposed to eat spinach in quantities that make it a gorgeous thing in a meal

It argues with the rat poison that keeps my blood running

So I am plotting a health giving meal for all of us

And no wasps allowed