Anyone got any experience of bus/train to Europe

Planning a trip to Brussels (another course!) and being led a merry dance by Ryunfair, whose list of “add-ons” now extends to seats and luggage. Was toying with the idea of sail/rail to London then getting the Eurostar. Anyone tried it or got any advice?


Not done the Eurostar, but a certain amount of travel by train once on the mainland. Basically it works (unless there’s a Grève National in France, so common that the old split-flap displays have an entry for it). It makes England look pathetic (like so much these days).

The site that used to be and is now probably most conveniently reached as is a Europe-wide rail route finder. It’s pretty nifty and even allows booking of tickets.

I am told by Eurostar habitués that they’re trying to pretend it’s like flying, with all the concomitant security theatre, but the people actually doing the job know what a joke it is.


The problem for us is always the first stage of any journey. I’m betting that the eco-zealots who constantly lecture us about not flying don’t live on an island…

Eventually got sorted. Ryunfair, but by dint of very careful reading of small print managed to get it for only about twice the advertised price…


You want to hear my friend’s pilot husband about Ryanair

He is less than complementary to put it mildly

I have just overetten

380g of pork black pudding and apple sausages made two rounds of butties

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I am a greedy old bat


'Twas the Fishly Curry here this evening.

[happy erpity]