Archers Characters births and deaths

When I get banned from places, I cast about me for other entertainment, and this time what occurred was the Project: a Who’s Who for The Archers, to include not only the Important Present Cast, but also past cast and silents and the mentioned by name but never important people like Bailey, Eddie’s boss at the cattle market.

One spin-off from this is going to be a births-and-deaths chart, and I’m adding to it as I go along. Someone else has set it up, and it does what it says on the tin.

Archers characters’ vital statistics - viewing link is where you can find it; this version is view only, but if you spot errors please put them in this thread, and I’ll do something about them.


“When I get banned from places …” :joy::joy::joy:

You say that lime it’s a regular occu… oh. Yes. Quite.