Archers Characters

I am in the process of compiling my own database of characters who appear or have appeared in The Archers. This is going to cover everyone from Eli-the-Midwife who appeared once and has no background nor anything else notable about her, up to (I have just done his entry) Brian Aldridge or Ruth Archer, about whom there is a Lot of data.

What I plan is to put the entries up here as I get round to them, for people to comment and add details or tell me I am wrong about something, if they happen to know x or y.

I don’t know whether I am doing them in “importance – they are appearing at the moment” or alphabetical order; does anyone have any recommendations about that?

Alphabetical is easiest but doesn’t ‘feel’ right. How about a loosely location-based approach.
Brookfield Archers - all the Dopeys and Jill. Then Bert, Trex, Pip’s discarded swains, Sophie, Sam, etc etc.

Bridge Farm - the N of I, plus ?Kirsty (see later), the Titchener clan, Jazzer, Maurice the Meat

Home Farm

Lower Loxley

Grange Farm - that is fraught with potential upheaval, though (I hope)

The Stables - that would take in, e.g., Anisha. But not Darrell.

The Bull

Grey Gables - but would eg, Kirsty come under this heading or BF? - see above

Other Ambridge Residents: Carters, Snells, Franks etc

One-offs or brief sojourners. Darrell. Leon. Elly. Tall Rachel. Pissed and mayoral Rachel.

Lots of grey areas with this approach, though. Wonder what others think.

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This may seem perverse, but how about concentrating on the least significant first? They’re the ones who are most likely to be forgotten / overlooked, while there is plenty of information available elsewhere for the major characters. No one wanting to check, say, Tony’s birthday is likely to have any difficulty (unless they’re a SW, of course), but wanting to reminded of who Tall Rachel was, the name of Matt’s solicitor or Jago’s connection with Bridge Farm would probably be stumped.

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Brilliant, Joe. Thanks!

Dr Caley was the doctor at Borchester General Hospital who treated Adam when he was bitten by an adder in 1977…