Are the SWs incapable…

(I’m tempted just to leave it at that. However…)

…of coming up with any SL for Home Farm apart form the threat of losing the BL contract?

Oh and can someone arrange for Heather Bell to receive some halibut-based dialogue coaching? Clarrie managed to speak English for a quarter of a century, so why the descent into stereotypical yokelese? Either the (or should that be “they”?*) scripts have been altered - which amounts to a ludicrous character transplant - or the actress is taking liberties, in which case the director should be reining her in.

While I’m in rant mode, I thought Benjamin retired a few years ago? Wasn’t a different (female?) donkey used?

*No it absolutely effing shouldn’t! - Ed


Lowfield, Sunday 13th April, 2014

Shula introduces Alan to Coco, the donkey for the Palm Sunday service at Darrington. He’s a touch concerned that Coco seems to be a little frisky. Shula reassures him that though it’s Coco’s first time, she comes from a child friendly family and all will be well.


Tuesday 19th March, 2013

Easter wouldn’t be Easter at St Stephen’s without a donkey, so Shula has lined up Belinda to do the job. Alan is pleased;


< sigh >

Mind you, it’s very appropriate that the donkey is called Benjamin.