So now we are to have an Ambridge Hunt Ball inflicted on us.

Has anybody heard of there being a Hunt Ball in previous years? Or is this just indicative of somebody on the scriptwriters list, being overly influenced by tv series such as Downton and more recently, Victoria.

Locally. The last Hunt Ball, took place in the 1960’s. Probably because they haven’t been able to find anybody interested enough since then.

I wonder where TA are going to find sufficient ‘Hooray Henrys’ and other upper-class twits, to populate, this event. Betchya Susan wangles a ticket - well she’s ‘fambly’ innit?

There will of course be free food and drink, so look out for Joe and his assortment of rustic idiots.


Rob attended at least one. Whether that was the occasion on which JD became uncharacteristically pissed and indiscreet or not, I can no longer remember.


So two, then.
In what is it… 64 years. I’m impressed. Just when I was starting to think this was merely a plot ploy, to have some public event, where the maximum disruption could be created by some otherwise trivial announcement being made by one of the lesser characters.
Curses! Foiled again!


No, not ‘two, then’: I was just trying to tie down a recentish instance of the HB being featured. I’m pretty sure it is a regularish thing, mentioned but not always aired. But Fanta - and probably others too - will be able to give you better info


They seem to have a maximum of 8 characters per episode these days. That’ll be three dancing couples and the other two chatting.

What a fun event.


There has not been more than an average of seven characters per episode for years now; very occasionally for a special occasion it may be as high as eleven for the single episode, but when it is, there are four or five speaking parts during the rest of the week. This is because they have the money for only thirty-eight actors’ episode-pay per week. Nelson_G used to produce a list each year, and it hasn’t been as many as an average of seven per episode for a long while. I could probably do one for this year but I cba.

Going from the beginning of Lowfield, there were hunt balls either on air or in one case mentioned on air, in February 1997, January 1998, January 2002, August 2013 (a retrospectve introduction to Ray the Hotel Disaster), October 2014 (organised by Shula with Elizabeth) and November 2015.

The fact that it had been moved from early spring to late autumn was never mentioned as far as I recall.


The hunt Ball was held at LoLo a couple of years ago - I think that was the first time it became a major plot point rather than a vague background event. Oliver and Caroline were constantly pestering Elizabeth about the arrangements. IIRC the following year that its main purpose was to show off to Justin.

The change of date seems to have passed the organisers by, too, since they never seem to have anything in place until the last minute.


So instead of two in 64 years = 1 every 32 years.
It is eight in 64 years = 1 every 8 years.

A regular hive of inactivity hunting balls in Ambridge seems to be.
A bit of a surprise considering the amount of total balls you get in TA

I wonder if they hire-in musicians for the dances.
Probably Tommy Croker and his Polka Accordion Band… If he hasn’t croaked yet.

p.s. Seven characters won’t work. That’s only two couples dancing and three chatting.
Where are they going to hold this event? Martha’s phone-box?


Don’t you just love the thought of a bunch of irrelevant horsey-set twits, being part of a major plot anywhere.

What planet do they find these storylines on?