Right, so - Bella snogged Josh because she felt Johnny was being a bit boring? I wasn’t enamoured with her myself over their lunch, and she didn’t exactly explain what she meant when she said that Johnny had “changed”. Is Josh that much more exciting? Is he going to ask Bella to dress up and pose with his equipment a la vintage car ads?


(Is this a spoiler? Shall I punt the thread into the main Archers section?)

I think one problem is that we don’t really know much about the personalities of any of these people. We can’t say “X wouldn’t do that” because they get so little pn-air character development that, hey, maybe X would do that.


Easily explained:

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Acting on Hedgers’ suggestion, and using my super-powers, I have moved this topic to The Archers as it contained no spoilers and it’ll give it a chance for more people to participate.

Hope that’s OK with you, Kara!


It was all a bit of a muddle and made no sense to me. She’s gone off Johnny because he’s changed. She kissed Josh but … according to her it had nothing to do with going off Johnny. I should have thought it had everything to do with that! She just got a bit ahead of herself and forgot to dump Johnny first.

Not that she appears to want a relationship with Josh. Oh, I give up.


Really, who would?

“Worst fears realized darling seth and reuben too send gumboots.”


I think it ended up in spoilers by accident!

Still not sure where this storyline is going, no-one really liked Josh much anyway before, and Bella was a bit part until this happened. Unless she’s going to rock up “up the duff” and there’s going to be a who dunnit?


Family tension. If in doubt, create family tension. Although why Ruth should be supposed to give a tinker’s cuss about Johnny I have no idea.


Or why she thinks she has the moral high ground over her son who kissed someone’s girlfriend, as opposed to her, Ruth, who was had (as I understand) multiple cagoule-rustling moments with Sam and plotted to flee with him, taking her children away from David who, regardless of how awful they probably were at the time and certainly have turned out to be, nonetheless seems to have some affection for, in particular a rather unnatural attachment to the eldest, and might have been a bit upset.


“Why did you call your daughter Sapphire?”
“It’s short for Bombay Sapphire…”


Johnny? …only a bit boring? …perish that thort! :neutral_face::unamused:


What, because Josh kissed her in the pub with all the pun’ahs there? I doubt that would put a bun in her oven.

I really disliked Ruth’s decision a] that she had any right at all to try to police her twenty-two-year-old son’s love life, regardless of how hypocritical that may have been and b] that Bella was not the person deciding who Bella kissed, given that there were lots of people present who would probably have been delighted to lynch Josh if he had kissed her against her will.

It was up to Bella, not Josh, and if anyone wants to be censorious about it let them talk to her, not accuse Josh of goodness knows what.


Or for any reason, really


He’s an Archer; what’s more, a Brookfield Archer. Is that not reason enough?


I’m finding it hard to decide which of these appalling people is the worst. Lily, I think, for telling Johnny. Then Freddie for sticking his oar in. Then Ruth for being nosy and interfering when she shouldn’t and for making more of a drunken kiss that she should. Johnny for being a sanctimonious prig for ‘forgiving’ Bella. Josh is very far down the list though he does fancy himself quite a bit, doesn’t he, the little toad?


I refer the honourable lady to the answer I gave a short time ago


We think as one, joe!


I’m still enjoying the phrase:


Wish I’d invented it! I think I absorbed it from the old BBC messageboard. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t listening during the Sam/Ruth affair, so I never heard the Goretex-on-Goretex action.