Blast fallout


I’m still stuck on the mis placed beeps.


That was the audience reaction


It’s official: Gav is my new hero, and I will not hear a word said agin’ 'im. He spoke realistically about Lynda.
Philip, as well as being a bore, is a steaming hypocrite. But as it all bodes misery for Kirsty, I feel it would be churlish to complain.

Exceedingly irritated that Lynda lives yet. But I suppose if she stopped, we would have to listen to ArseKnell snivelling, which would be tedious.


I suppose this means a reset to Kirsty/Roy & Ed/Emma. At least we can look forward to another wedding disaster for Kirsty, first…

And credit where it’s due, Emerald O’Hanrahan and Barry Farrimond work very well together - their scenes yesterday came across as very natural, in a way that is all too rare in TA, Great acting, shame about the scripts…


Dear Kirsty,

Have you considered joining a convent instead? I hear Prestatyn is good.


A Well-Wisher

(someone who wishes you were down a well)


Proper loud snortle was emitted. Or rather, inhaled.


"Ding dong Bell, Krustie’s in the well…
Who pushed her in? Little Tommy…
…who gives a rat’s arse???
…play the musak!!! …please!!!


So how is it going to bed-pan out from here?

Roy is obviously being set up to be involved in the great Blake-is-a-slave revelation and to be the knight in slightly sweaty crimplene who rescues that useless lump of flesh Kirsty. Since no good deed goes unpunished - as young Fred is presumably now acutely aware, poor little sod - he will Get The Girl thus thrilling the teeming millions of fans of this most fascinating and dynamic pair.

Is Lynda going to die (oh, I DO hope so) and if so, by some cunning artifice of her own or the sort of complication you might expect from her injuries were they as severe as originally indicated rather than at a level which is permitting her to receive visitors, undergo physio (yes, tonight they were lying but it has been mentioned before), and INTERFERE and PUT UPON PEOPLE (even if that person is the aforementioned KISSC?

Other thoughts?


Anyone expecting the Snellbeast not to make a triumphant return to interfering in village life via the Easter Bonnet tomfoolery?
So what was the point of making her reported injuries so ‘dramatic’? Apart from to get my hopes up unnecessarily; possibly reason enough, some might well say. But really, It Is To Spewk.

And Arseknell’s voice with its creepy, uxorious permachuckle is annoying me more with every passing day. I understand it is very popular in some quarters. What is wrong with people?


So a month after she got full thickness burns, and broke her pelvis, she is to be discharged.

Take heart, Gus; it will probably kill her.


You reckon? [Gus enquired in Eeyorish tones]


Well, being let out of hospital killed Heather…


Very true; although I think it was probably the prospect of living with WR that was the proximate cause.


It is, after all, the only way to escape.


I like Lynda and Robert


It appears the SWs don’t.


And Gus doesn’t like them either

Could this be a coincidence?

We need to know…


Were i a scriptwriter, dere, Ambridge would have achieved ghost-town status long since. As you very well know.


Gus dear heart might I ask who would you vent your spleen upon if Ambridge and its environs were to be rendered population free?

And who would look after Constanza and Salieri?


I think you’d be an ideal llama guardian, Twellsy, and you could make good use of their wool.

I baggsy Monty.