Can we bump Lily off please?


Slowly and painfully


I was going to start a thread with the header


It was about time she got an earful about that.


He’s still a pillock, though.


If only Oliver had given Elizabeth a similar flea in her ear. Ha, wait, he could have flung the same ‘home wrecker’ epithet at the Widderbeth, what a missed opportunity!


Roll on the day when Russ goes after even younger prey than Lily

I will enjoy every minute of Lily’s heartache

If it’s off air

Listening to the wailing would be over and above the call of duty


Oh, I think I could stand it. Especially if his prey was Poppay-Pore-Littul-Mite. Mia’s no use: she’d still be on the blob.

Not for the drama, you understand, but for the outraged wittering that would ensue online.


I would love every minute of it. Rarely was misery more deserved.

Oh! Brilliant idea, yes please. Hang on though, she is a little young, even for Russ. I’m not sure I can wait that long for Lily’s comeuppance.


Molly Button?

I’ll stick with what I said when he first turned up.

“Hello there” she said with her hand to her brow
“I’m the one you’ll meet after the one you know now
There’s no room inside here to show you us all
But behind me the queue stretches right down the hall
For the damned there is always a stranger
There is always a beautiful stranger”


Going back to the title of this thread, the need for an off-bumping became a great deal more acute during her conversation with Pat. She is a poisonous, hypocritical, brainless little bitch.


Yes, calculated to make Pat ask Johnny awkward questions, wasn’t it.


Lily being so caring that she has to try and spoil her cousin’s relationship by hinting nearly caused defenestration of the radio

Please can we dedd her

And Russ can move on to Elizabeth until Molly and Tilly Button become legal


I wonder whether this really is what Tim Stimpson thinks caring about someone else looks like. If so, I pity his friends.


…Stympleton has friends? …er, wot? (…shome mishtake, surely? (Shirley))


Very few people don’t, Sturmers. I don’t suppose that he has none.


I just hope he doesn’t treat his friends the way he wrote Lily as treating hers. Or he probably won’t have them much longer.