Well, we were right. It would have been rather a mean tease for colleagues who worked with Sara Coward for decades if it had all turned out to be a false trail.


I think I prefer Caroline having died – and in a way which is mundane, rather than a car-crash – to her being re-cast.


Yes, I think drama or melodrama would have been inappropriate.


How did she did?


She sat down beside the pool for a snooze and had a stroke; she was dead when Oliver went to wake her.


Another one for the Chair of Death (as opposed to the Tree of Death); between them they seem to rack up most of the deaths in Ambridge.


Apart from a brief interlude about Lil’s pup the episode was about Caroline. Even the pup story morphed into that.

Well done, on the whole, both SWs and actors. It was a welcome change too, to hear Eddie and Clarrie treating Will sympathetically and Will deciding his grievances were petty, in a pleasant voice. Oliver was on the phone, properly all at sea, but not overdone.


Thanks. I’ll catch up.


What happened to accuracy, Hedgers? Do we know it was The Chair of Death, or might it have been The Lounger of same? I lean to the latter: in which case, is it a new category of Death altogether or merely a subset of CsoD?

Given the ‘lash-up’ (??? eh?! - and I do know I am not the first, etc) they have been making of things recently this episode was on the whole better than I had feared. But ‘passed’ - I ask you? Passed what? Wind, the parcel, the post, the port, the duchy the wrong way? The word is ‘died’, thank you. Although possibly I am past caring.


It’s been downhill from the relatively straightforward Tuesday and tonight was infuriating.

Yes, the Grundys would be panicking about being found out, so if it were being done without the “comic touch” it could be fair enough - if it didn’t occupy too much time. As it is, get a grip.

I’d like some light comedy back - provided it’s effective - but not just here.

And it was the last Absolutely tonight.


Yes, turning it into an occasion for a Grundy Jape is the pits.

In any case, even of he does come back before the weekend, is he really going to want to rush over to Grange Farm? It’s not as if it were anything like the place he shared with Caroline, any more. If I were he, I wouldn’t much want to see it at all.


I found it astonishingly insensitive. The actors, of course, had known Sara Coward for years and must find it hard to act out scenes where the consequence of her death is yet another Grundy fiasco. The listeners too - or some of them, at any rate - will have read her FB page and thoughts on Caroline’s future and been saddened by her death.

Did it not occur to anyone that there is very much more to Caroline than a soap character?


But as far as I am concerned there is not. The actor was a soap character and within the soap, that is all she was. That she had a life elsewhere and is well and affectionately regarded doesn’t cross over the meniscus. This sort of thinking just encourages the eejits who think if you say that Joe Grundy Must Die, you are hexing the actor. imo only.
Sarah Coward seems to have been a good egg - I know little about her and nothing of her other work.

Even had an actor for the character that is Caroline left for other work and to thrive, I would possibly feel that this is being handled somewhat hamfistedly.

Oh, I dunno. But confusing actor and character isn’t good, imv.


It’s not about confusing the actor and the character for me personally.

It is however about a virtual second death for people who worked with Sara Coward for decades, and for any family and close friends who still bother to listen to TA.

And it’s also about just doing things well, whether comic or serious.

And about having some plebeians in TA who aren’t either figures of fun or low-lifes.


I have known and liked Caroline since 1977; I think it is understandable for me to feel that the death of someone I know is being treated disrespectfully.

I dislike Eddie Grundy for caring more about the fact that he has been cheating Oliver and now may get found out than about the death of his benefactor’s wife, who was the godmother to his son and a dear friend of his own wife.

I dislike the editorial team for thinking it appropriate, and as far as I can tell even funny, to show him doing so. Yes, he probably would, because he’s a nasty little shit, but they didn’t have to show him doing it on air; he could have done it silently so that I didn’t have to sit through it.


I didn’t hear it last night

I have a feeling that I may be shouting at the radio this afternoon if I listen to the repeat

Nowt new there then…