Cleaning slippers


Rota boy does it

Do the group here clean slippers?


I use crocs as my slippers, so I can easily clean them if they get mucky. Before that, no.


I think it may have been because he had been wading in the mud in them.


…oi takes me boots orf when oi’m indoors, as tis only roit for so to do! (…commun zens in moi 'ouze!)

…an’ oi washes their soles (…moight 'elp 'em get to 'eaven! (…according to RevBunter!)


You probably don’t go out for country rambles wearing your slippers, either.


I don’t wear slippers, I wear open leather mules, or Crocs.

If I got them clarted in mud, they would become garden/garage shoes after being cleaned



Personally, I pop mine in the washing machine.


…I don’t care about the reptiles, but what about those poor, poor donkeys! :neutral_face::neutral_face::cry::cry:


…nice idea, but me 'ob-nailed clogs play hell wiv the bearings in the washing-machine!


Roy would have slippers, wouldn’t he?
Ghastly little man.


Maybe he has them left over from when he was last in hospital. Or maybe, living as he clearly does in a sea of mud, he has them to change into in the house, as Scandewegians do. It saves wear and tear on the carpets, after all.


Yebbut. I know exactly what slippers he has, and they are Indefensible.


I was assuming brown leather (or possibly fake leather) mules-ish ones.


I assumed fake sheepskin with the backs trodden down to make mules…



Not had slippers since Star Trek was a new idea.

Nor pudgies.


I love slippers! If you have ever lived somewhere with kalima (African sand in the air) you appreciate slippers. It’s impossible to keep hard floors as clean as is required to go barefoot otherwise. And they should be soft and washing machine worthy, not “inside shoes” by any means.


…I am rather fortunate in that two of my sister-sibs back in Blighty (…well Jackie (eldest) lives in Alderney), are both avid knitters, and thus my collection of hand-knitted soxes is rather large, and not only soxes, but large versions which can be used as slippers (…according to Amanda (…youngest sib-sister)):……

…more later (…if FarcePuke will allow so many sox pics)




I have never been much of a one for knitting socks, but those ones are splendid.

I am glad to see that other people have mirrors like the ones I have had all my life, with slightly imperfect corners.


I’m a bit worried about the top right corner of that pic, though. Hasn’t the Orange Genius outlawed that yet?