C'mon Prof!


…tell the sodding GodBotherer to F***-OFF (…you know you really want to!…you know we all really want you to!)

…it just gets worse and worse!

StShuggs: “I won’t bother you again!”

Rest of World: “…is that a promise?”



Alan did no bothering of God but a kind and pragmatic thing, I thought. And I am no committed fan of Franks. Rather the reverse.


He then spoilt it all by gossiping with Shula about it.


If she saw him in the shop, ii might have been unavoidable, of course.


It is never unavoidable not to tell a prurient nuisance anything at all. “Sorry Shula, I have to be in Penny Hassett in twelve minutes” will do.

And in the shop, he still didn’t have to say anything: how would she have known it was Jim’s shift unless he told her?