Credits July 19-22

Writers … Daniel Thurman And Naylah Ahmed
Director … Jessica Bunch
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Ben Archer … Ben Norris
Helen Archer … Louiza Patikas
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge … Angela Piper
Phoebe Aldridge … Lucy Morris
Lee Bryce … Ryan Early
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Chris Carter … Wilf Scolding
Ian Craig … Stephen Kennedy
Ruairi Donovan … Arthur Hughes
Alan Franks … John Telfer
Kirsty Miller … Annabelle Dowler
Adam Macey … Andrew Wincott
Fallon Rogers … Joanna van Kampen
Kyle … Ben Crowe
Spence … Denny Hodge


There was a New Zealander Kyle in 1999, but he didn’t speak.

“a very experienced actor, voice actor and voice acting coach with over twenty years in the business”

A Spence was mentined in passing as Fallon’s ex-manager in 2010.

“I am an actor and entertainer with more that thirty years experience starting out as a holiday camp comedian, then working as a comedy impressionist and stand up comedian in clubs and theatres moving on to become one of the country’s top television warm-up artists.”


I’m hoping they are inmates of the rehab running amok while doing a runner with Alice causing havoc wherever they go and with a bit of luck ending up in Ambridge. But I expect I am doomed to disappointment.