Credits May 20-25

Writer … Keri Davies
Director … Kim Greengrass
Editor … Alison Hindell
Jill Archer … Patricia Greene
David Archer … Timothy Bentinck
Pip Archer … Daisy Badger
Tom Archer … William Troughton
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge … Angela Piper
Susan Carter … Charlotte Martin
Ian Craig … Stephen Kennedy
Justin Elliott … Simon Williams
Rex Fairbrother … Nick Barber
Joe Grundy … Edward Kelsey
Will Grundy … Philip Molloy
Emma Grundy … Emerald O’Hanrahan
Ed Grundy … Barry Farrimond
Shula Hebden Lloyd … Judy Bennett
Alistair Lloyd … Michael Lumsden
Jim Lloyd … John Rowe
Adam Macy … Andrew Wincott
Jazzer McCreary … Ryan Kelly
Kate Madikane … Perdita Avery
Philip Moss … Andy Hockley
Elizabeth Pargetter … Alison Dowling
Freddie Pargetter … Toby Laurence
Lily Pargetter … Katie Redford
Johnny Phillips … Tom Gibbons
Hannah … Helen Longworth
Russ … Chris Pavlo.


Ta Janie.

Do we know who Russ is ?

… & Welsh Phil is back, but no Kirsty or Shula. Mmmmm.


No Olwen.

No idea who Russ is, Armers, but in the list I am looking at Shula is definitely (boo) there


Maybe it’s something to do with Lily. This is the week after her secret is revealed. Could it be anything as dull as she has a boyfriend? Please, please, don’t say she is preg… no, no, no, I couldn’t bear it!


Let’s hope she can’t either.
Even they wouldn’t think that was a good or interesting idea… would they? nooooo


Gus, these are the people who have given us the Adam and Ian baby story. And Ruth’s miscarriage. And Kirsty’s miscarriage and the Grief of a Man. And Pip’s pregnancy. Speaking of which, the devoted and anxious to be a hands on dad Toby hasn’t been heard from of late, thankfully.

My only hope is Toby does a bunk and Pip has a horribly colicky baby and Ruth refuses to help and won’t let Jill help either.

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Or that Ben plays with it and ‘breaks it’, accidentally-on-purpose like? I have some obst & gyn wishes for Pip, too, but decency forbids…


Ooops. :thinking::clown_face:

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“Russ from the dairy contractors” was mentioned on 30/January and 2/February this year, advising on the new milking parlour.

He previously appeared on 21 April 2004. Lowfield:

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o by all that’s tedious, more mil’n’ parlour fun and frivols. Haud me back.
Isn’t there a story where a Princess chokes on a herringbone (possibly less specific than that, but a herring is by and large a fish)? So there is a faint spark of hope.
Damn, spark extinguished. It has a ‘happy’ ending, except for some poor wee dog, o ha ha, how we all laughed. I really don’t like Dickens very much. Little Dorrit and Bleak House excepted, with a following wind.

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Firstly, thank you.

Secondly … so this is Roof & Peep dragging on the milk’n paarla story. Oh deary me.

Third of all … dragging up actors from 2004. Really ? While there are so many long-lost ones already. Couldn’t Anisha (‘bless you’) have plucked some expertise in this respect ? Or Molly Button ? What’s Darryl doing these days ?