Credits Nov 18-23


Writer … Caroline Harrington
Director … Rosemary Watts
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Jill Archer … Patricia Greene
David Archer … Timothy Bentinck
Helen Archer … Louiza Patikas
Tom Archer … William Troughton
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge … Angela Piper
Harrison Burns … James Cartwright
Neil Carter … Brian Hewlett
Susan Carter … Charlotte Martin
Joe Grundy … Edward Kelsey
Eddie Grundy … Trevor Harrison
Will Grundy … Philip Molloy
Emma Grundy … Emerald O’Hanrahan
Shula Hebden Lloyd … Judy Bennett
Kirsty Miller … Annabelle Dowler
Elizabeth Pargetter …… Alison Dowling
Johnny Philips … Tom Gibbons
Hannah Riley … Helen Longworth
Lynda Snell … Carole Boyd
Oliver Sterling … Michael Cochrane
Roy Tucker … Ian Peperrell
Ben Archer … Ben Norris
Russ Jones … Andonis James Anthony
Lee … Ryan Early
Lily Pargetter … Katie Redford


o god Russ’n’Lily are back


I’m hoping it’s good news, Lily is dumping him but not because she has decided to abandon her education and stay home to run the business because Lizzie is too fragile.

How about this? Lizzie says there is no way now that she can afford to subsidise the 2-bedroom love nest and Russ, seeing that he no longer has a meal ticket, departs.


Lily dumping Russ wouldn’t be good news in my book.
I don’t want her university career to prosper; and the more thorns in Widderbeth’s pillow the better, surely?
Russ can dump Lily, horribly and humiliatingly, but not yet.


Yer a hard cruel heartless limpet, Wor Gus. That’s prolly why I like you. :smiling_imp:


Let’s see if I can cover all the bases here, because I was thinking you can’t have Lily trash her university career without having her go back to Lower Loxley to be the Helpmeet of her Pore Widowed Mother. But I think I’ve got it. She does go back to LL, but is exceedingly annoying, telling Lizzie she’s Doing Everything Wrong. Then flounces back to university, having ruined her first year by doing no course work, only to be dumped by Russ.

Will that do?


It’s the vindictiveness shown at moments like this that make the days fly by. Thank you all.


That would do, Janie, as long as she is dumped for an older model and that he tells her that he needed someone more his equal in emotional and intellectual maturity. And with bigger tits.