Credits October 3-7

Writer … Tim Stimpson
Director … Peter Leslie Wild
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Ruth Archer … Felicity Finch
Ben Archer … Ben Norris
Josh Archer … Angus Imrie
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Lilian Bellamy … Sunny Ormonde
Vince Casey … Tony Turner
Beth Casey … Rebecca Fuller
Justin Elliott … Simon Williams
Alan Franks … John Telfer
Amy Franks … Jennifer Daley
Martyn Gibson … Jon Glover
Tracy Horrobin … Susie Riddell
Chelsea Horrobin … Madeleine Leslay
Jim Lloyd … John Rowe
Jazzer McCreary … Ryan Kelly
Stella … Lucy Speed


Ah yes, Adam’s replacement.

I’m sure they could do better than that. Chardonnay Horrobin? Ferris Wheel Horrobin? (But we’ve met her before.)


Odd that Chelsea became a name. I wonder if anyone has ever been called Brixton, Tottenham or Upminster.


The female name Chelsea is a 20th-century coinage and is also pronounced /ˈtʃɛlsi/, /tʃɛlˈseɪ/ or /ˈtʃɛlsiə/, and sometimes spelled Chelsie or Chelsey. In the United States, the spelling “Chelsea” first entered the Social Security Administration baby naming data chart in 1969 at position 708. It rose in popularity among names for girls after 1980, peaking in 1992 at #15. As of 2009 it was ranked #231.[1]

This name is possibly linked with British pop culture of the late 1960s and Joni Mitchell’s song “Chelsea Morning” (named after the Manhattan district).


Caroline Bone, the village bike*; Chelsea Wossname, the village tractor?

*me neither, but I have a vague idea her actor said so

If Victoria and David had copulated in SE15, their eldest could have rejoiced in the name of Peckham Beckham…


I had the impression it was probably a '60s thing (‘Chelsea Girl’ sprang to mind) but a possible US connection never occurred to me. Thanks.

Oh I wish! That would’ve been so much better.