Credits week March 19-24

I see that the actor for Chris Carter has been replaced but they haven’t amended the entry in Archers characters: Chris Carter

Also, there’s a new character, Phillip Moss, (though probably just for there for the one scene) which may have something to do with Kirsty receiving an offer. Is she on her way out of Ambridge? About time, but I do hope she gives Tom and Helen a few home truths before she leaves!


Role Contributor
Writer Adrian Flynn
Director Nayla Ahmed
Series Editor Huw Kennair-Jones
Jill Archer Patricia Greene
David Archer Tim Bentinck
Ruth Archer Felicity Finch
Pip Archer Daisy Badger
Kenton Archer Richard Attlee
Pat Archer Patricia Gallimore
Tom Archer William Troughton
Brian Aldridge Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge Angela Piper
Lilian Bellamy Sunny Ormonde
PC Harrison Burns James Cartwright
Alice Carter Hollie Chapman
Chris Carter Wilf Scolding
Justin Elliott Simon Williams
Toby Fairbrother Rhys Bevan
Usha Franks Souad Faress
Eddie Grundy Trevor Harrison
Clarrie Grundy Heather Bell
Shula Hebden Lloyd Judy Bennett
Alistair Lloyd Michael Lumsden
Kirsty Miller Annabelle Dowler
Philip Moss Andy Hockley
Helen Titchener Louiza Patikas
Carol Tregorran Eleanor Bron

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“Chris, you sound so different after your terrible lung-related injury.”

Oh dear, I see “Full Thickness” Burns is back. Inevitable Helen was of course inevitable.


I remember reading that one of the four John Tregorrans came back from - I think - Spain after an absence and they said he had had operation on his vocal chords.

They didn’t attempt to explain Tom’s and Pip’s new voices, of course. I mean, how can you, without sounding totally ridiculous as in the example above? That said, they could at least make an effort to choose a voice not the total opposite of the previous one. Which they did with the new Emma and the new Kate but not with Tom and Pip.