Crossword clues


I don’t tend to complain, but the comment from Lillian about crossword clues has rather bothered me. Surely, surely, one of the things Justin and Lillian do of a weekend from coffee to aperitif is the weekend crossword? It was a ritual in my home, and so many others, ergo her learning from Jim “about” just doesn’t tally with her persona!


The Crypitcs are my domain. Mrs. Shanks, surprisingly, has no interest in them at all.

The General Knowledge ones she & I do together. As I’m a genius on these matters :joy: I let her go first normally


Character’s home life differs from listener’s shock! Something to be relieved about, on the whole ;- )


Someone who steps in to be a quizmaster is likely to also be a crossword type; perhaps the two storylines were written in parallel.


So you might think in the real world, if you knew nothing else about the person(s) concerned. Doesn’t apply here.


Jolene got her questions off the internet and hoped nobody would recognise them, I expect.


I was at a pub recently where we boardgamers coincided with the overflow quiz night. The questions were standardised across the chain, and you played by pointing your smartphone at their web site, looking at any photographs or whatever there, and tapping the answers. Which meant the staff didn’t have to know anything beyond how to pronounce the silly names (it was a Harry Potter quiz).


That’s definitely not my type of quiz. In every way. Tbh my favourite quiz period was 15 years ago, when there was no mobile internet, but there were basic mobile phones - and we would take it in turn to go for a “cigarette” - aka phone a parent who might know the answers to the questions written on our hand…


I’ve been a ‘proper’ quizzling for over 30 years, in League’s & everything.

A few years ago I took to setting then for a cup competition in Norff Whales and was then invited to submit questions to the BEEB. I submit a few every now & again and if they are new to them … not as easy as it sounds … they put them in their library of quiz questions & I get a fee. I get a larger fee if they’re used & a smaller one for a repeat.

I occasionally get a cheque but never know for which ones.


I do love a pub quiz, the cheesier the better - because I just join for a laugh. However, years ago, I went to a proper “ye old man” pub quiz, with three friends who each had multiple phds, and were feeling pretty confident they were going to do well. I was just along to drink wine and be the scribe. Well, turns out the quiz was precisely for the regulars, and their very particular areas of knowledge. The first round was “Bridges of Eastern Europe”. Suffice to say we did not do well!


:rofl: urk!


Now, “railway signals of Eastern Europe” on the other hand…