Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Apr 7-12

Freddie May be struggling with life as an ex-convict, but is a big night out with Johnny really the solution? Somehow, we doubt it. And will he ever be able to patch things up with Russ?
Up at Bridge Farm, Jazzer’s work is not impressing Tom, who has an announcement of his own - which might surprise Pat and Tony.
Meanwhile, a sermon at St. Stephen’s throws Shula into a worried spin. Can Jim and Alan help her to get over these new disturbed feelings, or is this the start of something more ominous?
Meanwhile, Ruairi finds himself in trouble with a local family after a terrible misunderstanding, Leonard finds his skills in high demand for the Lent appeal, and Helen really isn’t that keen on celebrating her upcoming 40th birthday.
Kate,though, is all about the future, even if her plans for Spiritual Home are definitely not going to pleas everybody.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Why would he want to?

“It’s a bit late to leave her at the altar, but I’ve left her at the pig shed.”


More detail needed. Ambulant and indignant or horizontal and appetizing?

Yes, of course “appetizing to pigs”, wouldn’t have thought you needed to ask.