Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 12-15

Who is the debonair figure strolling through Ambridge? His shirt is ironed, his shoes are polished, and his after shave all but drowns out the spring perfumes that waft through the village. What you are seeing coming towards you is Ambridge’s Young Lochinvar - aka Jazzer - who yet again, is off a-wooing. He is determined that Tracy will see him in a whole new light, so he’s smartened himself up and is on a charm offensive.
Alice, who is trying to clean up her act, finds herself under crushing social pressure, as plans to make Martha’s christening a big event steam ahead.
Meanwhile, Kate, Ambridge’s ageing wild child, finds she’s very far from welcome at any Aldridge home.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“It was good fun when we was doin’ it on the reg. Fancy doin’ it some more?”