Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 19-22

The past is never too far away in Ambridge. Prehistorical burial sites leave pock marks on Lakey Hill, Nigel’s long scream still echoes around the roofs of Lower Loxley, and photos of Lilian’s unlifted face often come back to haunt her. This week finds the much-married Lilian having a rummage in the Dower House, where she unearths something from Justin’s past that he would rather remain buried.
The past also delivers a blow to Fallon when a shocking secret emerges that sends aftershocks across the village.
Over at Greenacres, they’re on some kind of time loop, with Tracy as a recurring figure in different guises; this week she crops up as Jim’s dinner guest.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Um. Once is much, is it? Coo, who knew?


Don’t forget the Canadian, Lester Nichols, Gus. And I sort of count Matt and Justin though I do realise she didn’t marry either of them, Justin apparently loving her too much to marry her and as far as I know Lilian and Matt never discussed nuptials. Four serious, long term live-in relationships is quite a lot, though not quite up to Elizabeth Taylor’s standards, so I might cut the writer some slack for shorthand.


Never 'urd ovvim, Guv.

Genuinely, I haven’t.


Well, yer just a young Gus, aren’t you?