Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 26-29

Few of us have managed to secure an invitation to any of the homes on the Beechwood Estate, though none of us is crying into a pillow over that. It’s a bit of a Hinterland - and the scene of Kirsty’s latest tragedy. Now,cheese-maker Helen and her Karate King, having packed up their belongings and set up home there, quickly discover one of the many draw backs to the area.
Still, they are out of the way of Kate, who rarely ventures to Beechwood, but is otherwise roaming free and looking for trouble. They should also be safe from Lilian, who’s got her dander up and is slinging mud all over the place.
Meanwhile, Ben and Ruairi are engaged in more furtive activities, and, over at Brookfield one family member makes a surprising announcement.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Unsurprised by Joy, we take it…


“We thought you were dead!”
“No dear, that’s just the drains.”