Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 29-May 4

The sight of Will and his devil possessed stepson Jake carrying guns is a disturbing image, and one that adds to the uneasiness of Ambridge life. While they let off a few rounds, others in the village let off steam.
Kenton persuades his stodgy twin sister, Shula, to let her hair down, and the Carters throw a dinner party - and get an unexpected guest.
Fallon, irked by Harrison’s careful ways with money, goes quite wild, leaving Ambridge’s finest stunned.
Brian - finally, and under pressure - reveals the scheme he’s been hatching to save the Aldridge family from queueing up for Pat’s vile stew at The Elms homeless shelter, while Lynda continues with her quest to fill the dog-shaped hole in her life.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board