Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 5-9

What a barrier the Mighty Am is! While we sit in solitary peering through the window and watching the tumble weed roll by, Ambridgers desport and mingle.
They plan parties that don’t involve sitting in front of a screen in a party hat, with one forlorn and guttering birthday candle; they rub shoulders, exchange gossip and, in the case of Roy and Oliver, start putting two and two together.
Leonie, presumably having gone through some kind of quarantine plus a ritual dunking in the sheep dip, comes from the outside world. She’s arrived in Ambridge to help her father in his time of need, but seems set to make things even worse for Robert.
Meanwhile, Tracy sets her steely gaze on victory, and Philip gets a grilling.


…oh, in that case I’d better remember to listen in glorious techicolour!