Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Aug 6-11

Fight! Fight! Yes, really! Another one - at the village fete! Jill confronts the Duxford sisters, Brian is shown up, Jazzer struggles with the bonny baby competition and then, as the day ends and the bunting sags, violence breaks out!
All in all, in the view of many Ambridgers, the day is a huge success.
All this heat and passion affects Phoebe, who goes cavorting in the sukebind with a picker and wakes up to regret.
Emma and Susan move on to a war footing, Ed is heroic and Bert and Joe cease hostilities to aid a fellow widower.
Meanwhile Alistair may be up to his old tricks so that advice we gave some time ago about not lending him any money may still hold good.

Thanks to maggiesaes from the Bowman board

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The bunting has been found then ?

Goodness, how exciting…


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