Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update August 14-19

The food festival will lure in outsiders this week, so if you’re thinking of heading Borsetshire way, be very, very careful. Lynda’s out scouring Ambridge for “volunteers” for the village fete, and the locals are looking for someone to blame for the recent outbreak of vandalism.
If you are foolish enough to cross the mighty Am, you won’t be the only one needing to keep a low profile: Justin is trying to avoid his overbearing landlady, and bad boy George is skulking around, looking for some private space for his “new interest”. If you still insist on this dangerous venture, it makes good sense, as ever, to avoid all Horrobins, especially after Chelsea’s “moment of madness” and Tracy’s continuing work woes.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge


I know Horrobin-Be-Gone is tried and trusted, but I’ve always preferred an organic and biodegradable approach like curare or strychnine.


Is blow pipe shooting a new sport for the fete?

If not Why not?

Gus could have hours of fun with a blow pipe and many darts to put Gus out of the characters’ misery…


Fire-building contest (if wet, inside the church hall)?