Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update August 27-September 1

It’s wedding week in Ambridge, but Susan is shocked to discover Tracy’s casual approach to her big day and insists on some little touches to the nuptial. Hoever, it’s a long road to the aisle as tempers flare for the family and Jazzer makes a rash promise.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Whose big day is it again?

Susan: “Hello, Archbishop. I’m calling my favour. What, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten little Fifi Zazoom…”


The lady who does the exotic dancing with a boa constrictor instead of clothes?

I can think of several Archers in need of the attentions of a constrictor


My first and I think only post on the BBC boards was along the lines of “I think you’re all being very mean to Helen and I’d like to give her a great big hug”.

My account name was Cuddles the Boa Constrictor.