Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update August 31-September 3

You know you are in trouble if a Grundy takes it upon himself to tell you to mend your ways. Perhaps that’s why Alice - who has, as we know, been mopping up the sauce lately - gets the wrong end of the stick when Ed tries to tell her to ease up on her drinking.
Ed’s good intentions go horribly wrong,and his decision to confide in Emma might make matters a million times worse.
Meanwhile, Gavin, who has spent lockdown looking after his dubious dealings, returns to Ambridge, desperate to make amends for the damage he’s done. His duplicitous dad has his own plans for cleaning up his act, but a letter is heading their way which will scupper their desperate image-improving attempts.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Sounds like an entertaining week


Yes, I was just thinking that. I have listened to precisely one episode lately, the one with Ed and Alice and it was a corker. So I’m happy for further ructions to occur. And Ed telling Emma about Alice, that’s a wonderful development. I do hope Emma tells her Mum.

Luckily I missed the Robert/Lilian/Lynda fiasco. Just reading about it was gruesome enough!