Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Dec 25-31

The ghost of Christmas Past rocks up with a gift for Tony that leaves him happy, yet deeply confused. While he struggles to understand the back story behind the present, Elizabeth finds herself struggling to reconcile her past feelings for Vince, given his current behaviour towards the ever-dwindling Brookfield crew.
On the upside, the Aldridges, on their uppers a few Christmases ago, splash the cash around, while over at Tracy’s, there’s hope that better times lie ahead.
Future troubles threaten Fallon, while Lynda, who has asked Ambridgers to delve into their pasts for the community storytelling, has to decide who’ll make the cut.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


But Elizabeth wasn’t in the cast: how do we know she struggled with anything at all?

The Brookfield Archers were increased by one when Ben was forced back there, and by two when Jill too was retrieved; I don’t think they are dwindling any more. In fact I think that sentence of the Update was for the wrong week.