Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Dec 31-Jan 5

Sullen skies and sullen spirits prevail as the new year gets a grip on Ambridge.
Freddie and Alice give their all to get 2018 off to a wham-bang start, but their efforts are rewarded with rows, revelations and raging headaches.
Kate and Noluthando continue to fuel the flames of their wrath right through the festive season, while at Brookfield Pip keeps her devastating news to herself.
Over at Honeysuckle cottage Ian rues his Yuletide outburst - then goes right ahead and makes matters worse - and Will tries to redeem himself after the boxing day debacle.
Susan, meanwhile, who has high hopes that sales of kefir will launch onto a higher rung of Borsetshire society, tries to boost sales but just ends up bringing Emma down.

Thanks to maggiesaes from the Bowman Board