Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update December 21-24

It all goes horribly wrong for those living under the brooding shadow of Lakey Hill.
Chaos reigns at Lower Loxley, where they’re short of a cast member and in urgent need of a replacement.
Kirsty receives the first of a series of shocks that will blight her Christmas, Gavin is overwhelmed, and Philip runs out of excuses.
David has also run out of excuses, and can no longer dodge his date with dodgy Vince Casey, but their lads’ night out takes an unexpected turn.
More chaos is unleashed post-Christmas when a treasure hunt gets out of hand, Kirsty struggles, Roy and Phoebe try to pick up the pieces, and some Ambridgers find themselves in a nightmare situation - with far-reaching consequences.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


A spoiler inna spoiler? Or are TBTB playing fast and loose with the very fabric of the universe again?

Ah: probably a reflection of the RT double Christmas issue. As you were, possums.