Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update December 29-January 1

Peggy has spent the autumn of her life throwing a spanner into other people’s works - and will carry that habit with her into 2021 with a controversial suggestion for one of her clan. A malign new year creeps over Lakey Hill, finding many Ambridgers up to their armpits in a swamp of problems. Kirsty is still in shock, while Roy and Phoebe struggle to pick up the pieces of last week’s revelations. Freddie gets a plateful of worry, while another villager shares a piece of life changing news. A treasure hunt descends into chaos and, for some, a nightmare unfolds - with far-reaching consequences.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


I say, what splendid news.


Oh, yes, that perked me right up! Note that the following week we have ‘regret’ at Brookfield, so I do hope it’s something unfortunate for them. On the other hand, ‘regret’ sounds more like it’s something they’ve done to others.


Ah, the mysterious “Tanners” in the cast list is explained.