Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Feb 17-22

Some of us may have trudged unwillingly up the dismal path to the Laurels, but others have been skipping to the so called ‘care home’ on other business. This week, Jill reveals to Peggy just what she was up to on her visits to Christine; then Jill is shocked when she finds out a truth that’s been hidden from her.
There are more shocks to be had at the increasingly echoey Lower Loxley when Lily and Russ make an unexpected return, and Lily drops a bombshell.
Over in Grundyland, the anniversary of Nic’s death casts a shadow, while Susan goes snooping round at the Aldridges’, and finds an emergency.
Meanwhile, Alan wonders what Ambridge might give up for Lent. Perhaps dubious trips to The Laurels should top the list?

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“Oh, sorry, our extremely hungry dog has got out. Can you help us look for him? It’s all right, he only goes for Horrobins.”


Jenny can’f find where Brian has hidden the key to the gin cupboard.


Surely she’s not pregnant.

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My money’s on her packing ‘youni’ in.

She’ll blame the need to help her mum, when in fact it’ll be down to her never settling.

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They don’t recognise her Genius.


It’s in her jeans. Ask Russ.

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