Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Feb 27-Mar 3

No one in Ambridge seems to be much bothered about Lent this year. Jill is usually a stickler for getting the locals to exercise a bit of restraint, but - what with one thing and another - restraint is not really the sprightly widow’s thing these days. With this kind of laxity prevailing, the village is on the slide. Eavesdropping and gossip flourish, Neil and Hannah continue in their cloak-and-dagger machinations, and Amy struggles to say no. Chris, up until now a model of probity, finds himself with some explaining to do, and Justin’s greed for power, land and money grows. No wonder someone other than Phoebe is planning a break for the border.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Ta, Janie, as always.

Well, we know about Kirsty, ready and willing to be the woman who put the ‘div’ into Plov; but is there a third?