Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Feb 4-9

The elders of Borchester Land are prepared to put up with a lot if there’s a bit of coin at the in it for them, but they draw the line at well-poisoning. They hatch a plot to haul Brian in by his fancy necktie, strip him of his office then kick him out onto the street. Other villagers curse every time an Aldridge shadow falls across them, causing one Aldridge to make a surprising decision.
A quiz inquisitor causes further dissent down at The Bull, where those ancient eaves will witness yet another inter-Grundy brawl.
Meanwhile, Toby makes a splash, Alice longs to be free from her peevish masters, and Lynda finds the invisible scold’s bridle - placed upon her for lent - irksome when Susan oversteps the mark.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from the Bowman Board