Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Jan 28-Feb 2

Ambridgers scuttle to the other side of the green if they see an Aldridge coming their way. Brian is weighed down with worries and even the cravats look droopy.
Adam and Ian perk up when an obliging lady steps up to help them with their procreation plans - but when her identity is revealed - one Aldridge is left deeply shocked.
Things are little better at Brookfield where Josh sulks, Pip makes plans and Jill gets jealous.
Kirsty’s attempts to find serenity in the great outdoors - already blighted by dead fish - get another jolt when a spot of birdwatching takes an unexpected turn.
Meanwhile there are surprises for Roy and a blunder from Kenton, while Nic’s attempts to help backfire.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from the Bowman Board


Well, she can’t be getting the push, they go to nice restaurants for that.


Y’know. When the various calamities in an area are always spotted by the same person … after a while you have to start looking at that person.

Kirsty ; Jonah or firestarter ?? Discuss.


“I’ll get 'em caring about Nature if it’s the last thing I do!”