Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Jan 9-13

Pat’s ghastly vegetarian stew is off the menu up at Bridge Farm as Tom and Natasha take over the kitchen to cook a 70th birthday meal for her. Don’t be tempted to drop in there, though, as the chances are high that tempers will boil over.
There’s also tension over at Home Farm, where Stella has to deal with a dilemma and set some boundaries.
Things are also a little uneasy between Pip and Josh as they get a bit territorial, so it’s a good thing that cheery Mike Tucker is doing the rounds, spreading cheer and helping out wherever he’s needed - or is it?
Meanwhile, Peggy stuns Tony when she lays her cards on the table.

Thanks to LadySusan of ‘The Ambridge Reporter’


Has the man just discovered cocaine or something?

“But I’ve got five aces too!”