Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update January 22-27

There were many who thought Brian Aldridge got away lightly after poisoning the Might Am. He had to cough up a £120,000 fine, which was on the low side for a crime of that magnitude, but was lucky not to have been thrown in the slammer. The Forces That Control Ambridge, however, have been harsher than the Borchester Beak, pouring a stream of ill luck over the cravat-wearing cad. Now, a slew of trouble is heading his way, which will force Brian to answer testing questions from his family.
Elsewhere in Aldridge-word, Ruairi proves elusive as he broods on his bitter past, Kate has reason to celebrate, Adam gets a nice surprise and Alice and Chris share - as they seem to a lot these days - a warm moment.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Hands up who thinks Alice and Chris will wed again?



Yes, I think you might be right. As you say, ‘yawn’.


Never a cinematic serial killer around when you want one.

“To get out of this room before it burns down, we have to not shout at each other for a whole five minutes.”