Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update January 8-13

The New Year sets a swarm of bees buzzing around inside many an Ambridger’s head. Jazzer sets things off when his unexpected news puts a bee in his Scottish bonnet. Off Jazzer goes in pursuit of Jim to ask the old boy for a favour, but Jim’s not sure if he’s up to the task.
Over at the shop, one of the volunteers resigns, adding to Jim’s woes and causing another resident to get the idea that working alongside Jim and Susan is just the ticket for 2023.
Then before you know it, Adam - under his hygienic dairy-worker’s snood - hatches a wheeze of his own over at Bridge Farm.
Meanwhile, Kirsty eagerly awaits the arrival of a guest, and it turns out that this guest also has an idea or two.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


In what way does the decision to get married put a bee in Jazzer’s bonnet? A bee in your bonnet means a preoccupation or obsession, like Mr Dick’s with the trouble of King Charles I, in David Copperfield.